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Unbind your creative vision with our powerful new IP-rated professional moving head series. Coming soon.

Product Story

— Product Story —

It started with a challenge.

Outdoor events bring their own set of logistical challenges. Sure, you can work with costly shrouds, weatherproof coverings, or IP-rated LED units, but your designs may need to accomodate the increased size, or decreased brightness that comes with the territory. We believe in removing constraints, not adding them.

So we got to work.

We set out to build a solution that has the versatility to withstand the elements, and the power to light up the sky. The challenge was real, but we labored at it dilligently, with an attention-to-detail that our customers would expect. What finally resulted was a brand-new line of IP-rated, discharge-lamp, intelligent lighting systems. We knew we had built the right tool for the job, and we couldn’t wait to share it with our industry.

An authentic message.

This product line is new, unique, and unlike anything we’ve built before. We’re excited to see what it can do for creative Lighting Designers. How do we communicate what we can do for them? We wanted to tell the story right. We needed a strategy. We needed a name. We needed a brand.

Our new brand was born.

Our marketing team spent months developing a strategy, name, and brand identity that conveys our message to visionary Lighting Designers who refuse to compromise: Be Empowered.

Only the beginning.

We’re dedicated to building quality, professional products that provide solutions to real industry needs. For more information about our upcoming Proteus™ series, and other product lines, visit our website:

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